Frequently Asked Questions

What areas are available for delivery?  
We currently deliver to Excelsior Springs, Lawson, Wood Heights, Rayville, Orrick, Missouri City and Vibard. 

We are always adding new areas to our service, so if you're not able to order, send us an email at springdeliveryllc@gmail.com and request that we come your way!


How do I place an order? 
You can place an order online at springdelivers.com, through our Apple or Android apps (COMING SOON!)


How long does it take for delivery?  
Once you enter your address on our site the list of restaurants will display a real-time quote based on your distance from the restaurant, the restaurant's average cook time, current order volume and traffic conditions based on Google maps. 

The average delivery time varies based on volume and time of day. We typically quote between 30 minutes and one hour for deliveries.

We recommend that large company orders be placed at least the day before and you can schedule deliveries days, weeks, or even months in advance.


What is the delivery charge and food order minimum? 
Our delivery fee starts at $3.49. Directions are calculated by Google Maps and reflect the best route under current traffic conditions in real time.

Delivery fees:

  • $3.49 Delivery Fee ($0.50 per mile per mile after 1.5 miles from location of restaurant) 
  • There is a minimum food total for all orders. All orders subject to processing fee on food total for operational costs.
  • During inclement weather conditions we reserve the right to condense our delivery area for the safety of contract drivers.


Is there a way to track my order?

Yes, all orders can be tracked online. Once you submit your order the tracker is immediately displayed. Should you navigate from the order placed screen, simply click the Account link to view any current active orders and the order tracker. 

Our order tracker will alert you when the order has been assigned to a driver, when the driver leaves the restaurant with your order and when it was delivered.


Will my food arrive hot and fresh?

Yes! All contract drivers use industry leading insulated delivery bags to keep food in the best possible condtion. 

Orders are timed out to maximize food quality so they are not ready and sitting at the restaurant before the driver arrives. Once your order has been submitted to Spring Delivery, we place it with the restaurant immediately!

Our drivers leave the restaurant immediately after pick-up!


What are my payment options?

* Cash, Credit Card, Debit Cards and Spring Delivery Gift Certificates.

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover credit cards.


Can I order from multiple restaurants? 


We allow customers to place multiple orders at once, but there will be an extended wait time on your order.

You will also be charged a delivery fee for each restaurant you place an order from. 

We recommend placing two seperate orders. This way you will receive an order from two different drivers which will ensure your food is delivered at the best possible quality.


Can I order from a restaurant outside my delivery zone? 
Delivery zones are limited to ensure that your order is delivered in a timely manner and will always arrive hot, fresh and delicious. Catering or larger orders that are placed in advance and may be available for restaurants outside the delivery area for an additional fee. Please call 816-469-6745 and a customer service representative will assist you with your request.


How do I know that my first order has been placed? 
All first time online orders must be confirmed by phone to ensure accuracy and to secure delivery times before they are processed. You will receive a confirmation number as soon as your order is placed online and a confirmation phone call is expected by the customer within minutes of placing your order. If you do not call within 15 minutes of placing the order, we are not liable for any orders that did not go through, incorrect items on your order or incorrect delivery address.

Your order can be tracked online once submitted to view the current status.


Can I cancel my order?  
Orders cannot be canceled once they have been placed with a restuarant. If you need to cancel or make changes to an advanced order, call 816-469-6745 and a manager will assist you.


Cancelling an order is easy and we allow our customers to cancel. If you cancel your order before it is prepared by the restaurant, we will issue a 100% refund.

However, if you cancel a placed order that has been prepared by the restaurant, we will refund all delivery fees and tips, but we will not refund the original costs of your food.

Spring reserves the right to permanently ban any customer who either cancels a prepared order or attempts to exploit any of our services in an malicious way.


I have a problem with my order, what should I do?  
If there are any problems with your order, you must call us within 15 minutes of the order being delivered. We will confirm with the restaurant regarding the mistake. Once we verify with the restaurant that the problem was on their end, we will either re-deliver the missing/incorrect item or refund you the amount. If our driver has to re-deliver, you must give the driver the incorrect item. If the incorrect item is not provided or was correct after inspection, you will be charged for both items.

We do not issue refunds for orders. Should you have an issue with your food, we will be happy to speak with the restaurant to assist in a refund. We are contractually obligated to not refund any orders without consent from the restaurant.


Are tips for the driver included in my order? 
Tips are not included for orders. Please consider the efforts of your mobile waiter and we suggest tipping the driver just like you would a server in a restaurant.

There will be an opportunity to tip at the door once the driver arrives on their smart phone app. Signatures are required on all credit card orders.

Spring Delivery LLC reserves the right to implement an automatic gratuity to any order at our descretion. As independent contractors our drivers have the right to refuse delivery.


How do I add a special request? 
Once you've added an item to your cart you will need to click 'Customize' then type in your special request. 

*Please note that any modifications made to your order may incur additional fees at the restaurant's discretion. For example many restaurants charge a fee for extra cheese, salad dressings or substitutions for side items. Any upcharged items will be added to your bill and a new receipt emailed to you.


Why Do The Prices Look Different On The Website?

Sometimes, after an order is placed, the cost of the items is slightly different than what you were quoted.

Thats because there is always a chance the price of an item will change due to various factors. If a store changes their prices, there may be extra costs per item that we cannot accurately calculate before we arrive. If we are partnered with the store you are ordering from, these prices are locked and accurate becase these stores work with us to update menus and pricing. 



* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition. Spring Delivery LLC is not liable for any illness that may possibly arise from consuming undercooked food. 

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